Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review: VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash

Today I am going to review a face wash I bought last month, it was on sale so I thought why not give it a try ? ( yeah.. I would buy things even if I don't need them if they were on sale XP)

product claims: 
Facial skin needs daily cleansing and moisture balance to stay smooth and hydrated. This gentle yet intensive soap-free face wash enriched with Cacti & Litchi as natural cleansers, penetrates deep into the skin, detoxifies and clears skin of dirt and other impurities. It retains skin’s natural moisture balance while deeply hydrating leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

ingredients: there is no list of ingredients on the tube, only key ingredients, which is Cacti extract & Litchi extract.

size: 150ml

packaging: a transparent squeeze tube with flip open cap (which is crappy, it does not close at all)

see what I mean ?
 price: 1.8 BHD ( approximately $4.7 )
skin type: normal to dry skin
How to use: Moisten face and neck and gently massage all over. Rinse off and pat dry. Use daily, morning and evening.

texture: very smooth and soft, it is very runny and not thick at all ( which I hate because so much of the product is wasted due to the horrible cap )

now let's test it :)
I swatched some lipstick, missha BB cream, and eyeliner ( kajal & liquid eyeliner ( pen and brush) both waterproof)

it doesn't foam, which I like

it is clean !

- Cleanses my skin without drying it out (it does moisturize it as they claim)
- Cleans the skin well
- Doesn't leaves any residue behind
- Make the skin feel really soft and smooth
- Doesn't smell like soap
- The packaging quality is bad
Availability might be a problem because it is not available online, and it is hard to find it locally (not all stores carry it, but I think I can find it in VLCC branches) .

Repurchase: probably not, because the packaging is bad.

rating: 3.5/5

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