Who is Memories?

Nice to meet you everyone!

My Name is Thikrayat, and in Arabic (which is my native language) it means Memories, That's why I use it a lot :)

I am a 19 20 years (My Birthday is on the 13th of December) old Bahraini girl currently studying Law at University of Bahrain, Hoping to one day be a lawyer ^___^

The reason why I started this blog is because I have nothing to do in my free time, So I figured why not start a beauty blog to learn how to be "Lady-Like" as most of my friends/family are telling me to, In my opinion I think you can be a lady and still like cars, enjoy crimes and gore, and be obsessed over stuff that aren't pink and kawaii, but none of them understand that *tsk tsk*

That doesn't mean that I hate those stuff (except for the colour pink, for some reason it gives me nausea so I prefer to stay away from it), Actually my interest in makeup, skincare, and Fashion have increased in the past few years and I hope that blogging about these things will help me to learn more about it :)

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