Monday, 14 April 2014

What did I buy

*This was supposed to be posted on Saturday but the internet stopped working before it was poster on my blog, and I am just too lazy to adjust everything I wrote so here you go*

Hello there ^___^

it have been a long time since I posted something, I've had a lot of stuff that I wanted to post about but I wasn't allowed to use my laptop because of my sickness :(

anyway so today's post is about the things that I bought, first I'll start with the stuff I bought yesterday:

I love buying deodorant (no, I don't have body odor problems)
playboy play it Lovely + playboy play it Sexy

My mascara started smelling weird so I went to Daiso to buy a new one (mostly because it is cheap and I am broke)

Hopefully I'll be able to review it soon :)

I also bought an eyelash curler because my other one is crooked and it break/rip out my lashes >.<

and today while I was waiting for my mom to get out from work, I thought I'll look around the shop to pass time and I came across this:
it is a turmeric soap, everyone keep saying how amazing for your skin is and how good it is at getting rid of body acne so I thought why not give it try.

( the story of my bacne:
two years ago when I was in school, I was so bored in math class so I thought why not take a nap?
and while I was dead sleeping, my classmates turned me into a scrapbook, they wrote on my neck/shoulders/face with markers and blue pens.. anyway after two days I started developing acne on my shoulder and until this day I can't get rid of it T.T)

but before going to pick up my mom from work I bought these ~
look at this cute nose ~
I bought two cute little mice <3

running around in there new home
aren't they so cute ? I've wanted to get a white mouse for like 4 years or so but my mom never allowed me to :(
but this time she let me :D
Do you guys have any suggestion for names ? (they are both females)

Bonus: I got escada perfume samples in the mail today

and that's it for today's post, see you next time 

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